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Advertisers need no convincing about the effectiveness of 'loose reply cards' with, or rather 'on', their advertisement. Years of experience, in magazines especially, show a significantly higher response to this type of advertisement.

What counts for magazines also counts for newspapers and CommCard has now come up with the solution. Publishers can now offer the option of gluing advertising cards onto their advertisements inside the publication.

CommCard has developed a card inserting and gluing system which allows cards up to a size of 200 x 200mm to be glued into magazines and newspapers, while the press is running.


With a maximum speed of 100,000 cards per hour and an accuracy of approx. +/-3 mm, different media, including envelopes and wallets can be inserted, provided that they are within size parameters.

CommCard card inserting machines are suitable for all rotary printing press and do not affect the running of the press in any way.

Visit the CommCard website for more details