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Tensor International is the premier U.S. manufacturer of single width web offset press systems serving semi-commercial, insert and newspaper print markets worldwide.

Tensor specializes in the development and production of flexible single-width web offset press equipment capable of printing 35,000 to 60,000 products per hour, with related folding equipment.

They focus specifically on single-width printing solutions that deliver dependable, high quality at a competitive price and are backed by superior field support. A network of knowledgeable global representatives has placed over 2200 units in more than 36 countries.

The Tensor headquarters and assembly plant are located near the historic, major manufacturing area of Chicago. This area provides an extensive pool of highly trained engineers and skilled craftsmen. Tensor capitalized on this resource and created an innovative company geared towards producing outstanding products that successfully compete in a global marketplace.

Project Management and Consultation

Project management and consultation is performed during all phases of planning, installation and startup. Individual customer requirements and expectations are extensively analyzed and optimum solutions are developed and executed.


Research and Development

Research and development are ongoing initiatives, resulting in equipment design that continuously exceeds customer expectations.



Quality begins with superior machine components manufactured by one of Tensor's partners, MAH Machine Co, one of the top suppliers to the graphic arts industry since 1977. MAH Machine Co utilizes state-of-the-art machining equipment and each component must pass rigorous quality testing.

Tensor's knowledgeable support staff and availability of quality replacement parts at competitive prices contributes to the total customer satisfaction philosophy adopted by Tensor.


Outstanding Print Quality

Preloaded bearing-mounted blanket eccentrics provide the critical cylinder stiffness required to reduce dot distortion.
Eccentric mounted, fully adjustable plate and blanket cylinders provide tighter print registration by eliminating tolerance accumulation normally associated with a fixed plate cylinder location.


Proven Durability

Bearing-in-a-bearing design approach eliminates frame bore wear.

Tensor's exclusive cylinder manufacturing techniques result in unsurpassed corrosion resistance


Enhanced Ergonomics

An integrally unique true arch design positions the blankets higher and offers a wider opening for easier access. Form roller throw-off shafts located outside of the rollers eliminate ink buildup and maintenance issues.

Tensor believes that customer satisfaction and press performance command their highest priority. They are driven to provide both superior quality and supreme value in the products and services supplied. They will continue to reinvest and improve their performance.


Use the links below to see the full specification on Tensor's web site

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