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Samzon pile turners have evolved from years of research and communication with Printers and Print finishers of the Scandinavian countries, where competitiveness and efficiency makes the difference between Survival and Elimination in the volatile print market.

Our Machines combine Danish design, engineering and technology, with simplicity, guaranteeing ease of operation, very low maintenance and dependability. We supply a years guarantee on workmanship and parts with all of our machines.


Functions and Uses

Pile turners are used for turning, aerating and jogging piles and stacks of paper, board, corrugated, plastic, metal plates and other materials. Pile turners can be used for pallet changing in pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries.

Samzon Pile Turners are compatible with most printing and finishing machines. – Komori, KBA, Heidelberg, Man Roland., Polar, Muller Martini, MBO, Stahl, to name but a few.

In addition to the fast preparation of paper for reverse printing on the press, the Samzon Pile Turner is invaluable for turning work for presentation to the folder, laminator, guillotine or stitching line.


Turning the stack

All types of feeder-boards, pallets and trolleys can be used for stack turning. The platforms are designed to close down to 320mm on the standard L series machines and 520mm on the LVA series allowing short runs to be turned without using several pallets as “space fillers”.

A complete pile can be turned, and loaded into the machine in approximately 1 minute, thus saving valuable time when jobs need to be reloaded for reverse printing or finishing operations.


Aeration advantages

Separation of sheets to minimise mis-feeds and ensures un-interrupted print runs.

Removal of paper dust results in minimum spoilage on the printing press.

Faster drying of ink and varnish reduces waiting time between operations.

Spray powder reduction and removal, means a better finish when varnishing or laminating.

UV taint and odour reduction for the food packaging processes.

Conditioning the material, where temperature and humidity vary.


Jogging & Sheet alignment

The pile is knocked up against the 3 straight edges which act as the gripper edge and side gauge which acts as an adjustable side lay. If needed, the side lay can also be used to centre piles on larger sized pallets.

Perfect alignment can be achieved using jogging and aeration in the tilted position. The tilt angle is variable and can be altered for use with various gauge stock. Even where the pile has moved in transit, or has been badly delivered, sheets can be quickly and accurately realigned.

It is possible to remove single waste sheets of 80 gsm paper from anywhere within the pile. Simply aerate the stack in the horizontal position, stop the travel of the aerator bar in the desired position and remove the desired sheets.


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