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Since the inception of the continuous racking system for sheet-fed press deliveries over thirty years ago, printers have been searching for ways to eliminate the operational, quality and safety issues associated with the wood  construction based racking boards that are the basic component of this system.  Whether the racking boards are constructed from laminated solid hardwoods, as is most often supplied by press manufacturers as original equipment on the press, or after-market boards constructed of plywood; both have a significant number of  problems that are inherent to their physical layout and construction.


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The Dura Board™ and Dura Corner™ outlast wooden boards 10 to 1, creating a substantial savings in board replacement costs. The elimination of chipping and splintering reduces down time, costly press repairs and no embedding of wood chips into the printed sheets. The Dura Board™ ,when combined with the Dura Corner™, produces an extremely stable skid of racked product, reducing slippage and the potential for losing a load in transport.

Nesting features are designed into the Dura Board™ making alignment and stacking automatic, eliminating the time-consuming need to re-align stacks and by this reducing valuable labour time. If the stack-splitting operation is performed, the two outer edges of the Dura Board™ are radiused and reinforced to allow easy entry of forks into the stack without damage.