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The KeyColor System is an integrated set of hardware and software that provide printers with the ability to incorporate a wide variety of solutions for colour control and quality improvement to meet their individual needs.


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keycoler iii lowInk Desks

Advanced electronics and AutoSet software provide the ability to accurately preset the ink keys from an image setter, CTP system, or Plate Scanner.





smartfountain1Smart Fountains

All KeyColor Ink Control Systems incorporate Smart Fountains with digital control from a high-speed industrial computer. The Smart Fountain actuator array is gasket-sealed in a rugged steel housing and can be rapidly mounted on an existing press, usually during normal press downtime.





operator screenKeyColor Operator Screen

The KeyColor TouchScreen provides the press operator with a clear display of key settings and job information. The screen layout is customized to reflect the layout of each press and any additional controls, such as ink ball and water, that are installed. System functions are accessed through familiar MS Windows drop-down menus.




scandensKeyColor AutoKey

Closed Loop Color Control

EPG provides the ability to achieve automatic closed loop colour control utilizing the best equipment available on the market today. By providing interfaces for the products of leading manufacturers of colour measurement equipment, EPG assures access to the latest quality control technology.



autopage new lrKeyColor AutoPage for Newspapers

KeyColor AutoPage is designed to greatly simplify the process of setup and colour correction for newspaper and book printers. With AutoPage, the page locations are displayed on the operator screen. The operators need only to touch the page number and the colour that they wish to adjust and the system will instantly access the corresponding fountain.



autosetKeyColor AutoSet Ink Key Presetting

KeyColor AutoSet software in conjunction with the KeyColor Remote Ink Control System enables printers to achieve dramatic reductions in both make-ready time and waste by accurately presetting all ink fountain keys. Make-ready time savings of 30-50% and startup paper waste savings of 10% are typical.




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