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Jeco Roll Chocking System for Material Rolls of All Sizes

c-239 pallet roll chock assembly emMoving and storing rolls of paper within any production environment often seems to be a problem to be overcome, rather than a smooth operation. Increased Health and Safety considerations, ever tighter production and waste reduction targets, demand the right equipment to move paper rolls safely and without damage.


JECO Products would like to introduce their Variable Roll Chocking System

jeco variable roll pallet fUseful in the printing, converting, metal finishing and other industries handling heavy rolls of different sizes, the Jeco Variable Roll Chocking System creates a cradle appropriate for the roll diameter by simply moving a pair of chocks. The Roll Chocking System can be used in conjunction with virtually all of JECO’s ribbed pallets from 600 x 800 up to 1200 x 1635mm and has a standard rating for loads up to 1500kg, although greater weight can be catered for on request. LLDPE is translucent white, but colour can be supplied. The pallets can be supplied with company name or logo spray bonded onto the outside.

20090220 58b emDiscussing the product, JECO C.E.O. Craig Carson commented: “The product designers at Jeco Plastic Products have once again solved a perpetual problem among manufacturers who must handle roll goods. The Jeco Variable Roll Chocking System permits moving rolls of varying diameters with a single pallet, which eliminates the ill-fitting ‘one size fits all’ pallets used in the past.”

Jeco also supply standard roll pallets which provide a perfect storage solution for standard size rolls. For rolls with a diameter upto 1100mm, the D322 and D325 offer transport as well as racking solutions and can usually accomodate rolls upto 2 metres in length.

D-322with heading   D-325 3

For the largest rolls, the D448 TiTan roll pallet can accomodate rolls with a diameter up to 1.5metres, a weight of 5 tonnes, and virtually any length.

d448 with roll  heading